About Us

Why Us?

Business today faces a fast-paced environment in which opportunities arise rapidly and require decisive decision making to succeed and they also face a demanding market place in which mistakes are not tolerated.  We are passionate about enabling strategic success through enhanced risk awareness as part of overall corporate culture, and passionate about implementing targeted value-added programs enhancing the capabilities of individuals and teams.  

Our Experience

Over 25 years experience developing, implementing, and leading Risk Management Programs. Focused on Supporting Board and Chief Executive level management challenges arising from uncertain future events and otimizing key operational processes to identify opportunities and issues. Respected for partnering with accountable management to lever industry leading techniques to mitigate issues and improve performance metrics. 

Experience with:

  • regulatory and legal compliance programs
  • cyber and criminal risk management
  • process optimization including effective internal controls
  • third party supplier and project risk management
  • human resource risk programs

Our Approach

We focus on what is important to you.  Effective risk management enables you to be more successful.  We understand what you need and draw on our depth of experience to find the optimum solutions for you.